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Comparison of Powder Yield Rate of Special Extract and High - speed Spray Dryer

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Keywords : 我厂根据中药浸膏的物料性质与工艺要求设计了新型中药浸膏喷雾干燥机,干燥后的物料颜色好、不变质,大大地提高了干燥设备厂家的经济效益。
ZPG Chinese medicine extract special spray dryer is a special spray dryer, Chinese medicine extract high-speed centrifugal spray device is centrifugal spray drying technology in the application of specific materials drying, but also the use of high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the material into a mist, With hot air full contact to complete the instant dry, the formation of powder drying equipment.
ZPG Chinese medicine extract special dryer is designed to solve the traditional Chinese medicine extract and plant extracts of the spray dryer, Chinese medicine extract special dryer to solve the material in the original LPG high-speed spray dryer in the traditional Chinese medicine extract dry in the following situation:
When the liquid material (filtered liquid) into the high-speed rotation of the centrifugal atomization disk, by the rotating disk centrifugal force of the role of liquid on the rotating surface of the film and continue to move to the edge of the material, resulting in material sticky wall, Will be low
Leaving the edge when it has been atomized, after the droplet after the atomization (greatly increased surface area) and hot air heat exchange, in 10-30 seconds to complete the drying process quickly, if the material in the wall to stay a long time, resulting in the material Coking deterioration is difficult to clean, does not meet GMP requirements.
In summary, this will lead to low yields, such as LPG-150 spray dryer, the output can only handle 50-60kg / h liquid. The ZPG Chinese medicine extract special dryer used in the form of closed, all components are made of stainless steel, with three purification device, filtered air to reach 100,000 requirements. Simplified and top with a cold wall device, so that the tower wall temperature is lower than the tower gas temperature of about 10 ℃, the material will not die on the wall coking metamorphism, greatly increasing the rate of harvesting, and will not produce sticky wall phenomenon.
In view of the above situation, our factory according to the nature of Chinese medicine extract and process requirements of the design of a new type of Chinese medicine extract spray dryer, dry material color is good, no deterioration, greatly improving the economic benefits of drying equipment manufacturers.
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