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Selection of MSG Drying Equipment

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From the dry product quality, high-speed mixing dryer is the best, followed by rotary flash dryer and tube-type dryer.

From the cost of drying products, the cost of the tube dryer is the lowest, followed by high-speed stirring dryer and rotary flash dryer.

The tube dryer uses a heat source for the steam, and the other dryer uses a mechanical furnace for a coal-fired hot blast stove or a hand-burner.

Tubular dryer system is simple, but the structure is complex, maintenance points, high-speed mixing dryer and rotary flash dryer simple structure, maintenance and maintenance easier.

Although the tube-type dryer is characterized by high efficiency, but because the MSG protein is a high viscosity material, and tube-type dryer is difficult to deal with high-viscosity materials, can only use backmix technology, mixed with a large amount of dry material in the wet material, In order to reduce the viscosity of the material, which led to the drying of the MSG protein, the efficiency of the tube-like drying is relatively low, the ability to remove the water from the general material 4-5kg water / M2.h reduced to 3-3.5kg Water / m2h.

Therefore, the general manufacturers in the selection of MSG protein drying equipment, has been rarely used tube dryer. Tube bundle dryer is mainly applied to the embryo, fiber, lees and other materials dry.
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