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  • YK Swaying Granulator
  • YK Swaying Granulator

YK Swaying Granulator

Keywords : Swaying Granulator
Description : It can make well stirred raw materials become granules of required size of crush the blocked raw materials small granules.The machine is applicable for pharmaceutical,foodstuff,chemical,solid drink and so on lndustries.
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YK Swing Granulator is the special granulator that can make damp powder pass through screen and granulate particles under the reaction of clockwise and counterclockwise rotating of cylinder. In addition, it can make the agglomeration powder into the needed size particles. The material contact area is made of stainless. It’s easy to clean, simple operation and low energy consumption.

Material to be dried
The machine is applicable for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, solid drink and so on lndustries.

Technical Parameter

Spec YK160 YK320
Capacity 50-200 (kg/h) 50-400 (kg/h)
Power 2.2 (kw) 7.5 (kw)
Speed 65 (rpm) 65 (rpm)
Sway angle 360 (°) 360 (°)
Diameter Φ160 (mm) Φ320 (mm)
Weight 450 (kg) 750 (kg)
Overall dimension 1000×800×1300 (m) 1500×1200×1500 (m)
  • High speed mixing granulator
  • High speed mixing granulator
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